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three snippets below the cut

Cam tastes like beer and strawberries. John can't get enough of it, enough of Cam, so he hooks his ankle around Cam's and holds him there. It isn't long before Cam's hands wander down lower, towards John's ass and crotch. John fights back his instinctive reaction to shove Cam away, and pushes his hips against Cam's. Self harm this may be, but he'll be damned if he isn't going to make sure Cam has a good time.


They're on the roof of a balcony, drinking beer and swapping drags on a cigarette. Neither of them are big smokers - John had bummed the smoke off one of the scientists. They've been drifting closer slowly, so it's only natural that Cam leans in and shotguns the smoke from John's mouth. John closes the gap, and the still-lit cigarette drops down to the ocean below.


Cam makes this little breathy noise against John's mouth, and suddenly John's feeling a lot less sure of himself. He fights back panic, drowning his feelings in another kiss. Cam's so close, so intoxicating in a way no one's been since - well, since ever. John lets his eyelids flutter closed, and leans into Cam. Maybe like this he can learn to feel safe.


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