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 Hi! Thanks for writing for me. Feel free to ignore this if you've got something specific in mind.

In general, I like angst, hurt/comfort, missionfic, hand holding, and boxing aus.

I tend to dislike harlequin romance, power imbalance, ABO dynamics, watersports, and harm to robots.


Ressk and Werst have been among my favorites since they were introduced. I'm fascinated by the Krai culture, & would love to see their commitment ceremony, how they got together, or anything along those lines.

Clone Wars:

I'd be happy with literally anything to do with Barriss and Ahsoka. 

For Echo/Fives and Boil/Waxer, how do the other clones react to finding out their vods are in a relationship? Is it common, taboo, somewhere in between?

I'd like to see Obi-wan and Cody (with or without Rex) trying to work out something that lets them act on their feelings without too much of a power imbalance - maybe Cody and/or Rex learning how to feel comfortable saying no to the general, or Obi-wan talking things out with his partner(s) or Qui-gon's force!ghost.


How did Rush and Young get together? (I'm totally down for a screwed up power dynamic here, and/or hate-fucking, etc.)

I just want Brody and Volker to hold hands and kiss, honestly.

Eli/Chloe/Matt: how did Eli join the relationship? Alternately, do they hide their relationship? What's Young's policy on fraternization?

For TJ/James, I'd honestly love to see both of their characters explored further.


I love both Minkowski and Lovelace, and I would like to see them dealing with the aftermath of the whole end of s3 / beginning of s4 thing. Or, something soft and domestic would be nice.


For the freelancers, I'd love, love, love any aus where they all survive. Maybe Connie takes South with her when she defects? Or maybe Florida tells the Blues stories about PFL as Captain Flowers. (side note: if you write Florida, could you use they/their pronouns for them please?)

Church/Tucker is one of my favorite RvB pairings. I'd enjoy seeing them doing literally anything together, whether it's holding hands, playing cards, taking care of Junior, anything.

For Doc/Donut, I would like pining or maybe something about Donut missing Doc while he's in the alternate dimension.

For Donut and Lopez I would like to see Donut trying to improve Spanish-speaking skills, and/or a mistranslation that leads to something cute.

How do Lopez and Sheila express affection? Since Sheila's a literal tank, they can't really kiss or hug or anything, so is it just long talks, or do they have special ways of showing their commitment?


Susan/Talia is such a good ship honestly. Uh, I'd like to see Talia come back, or an au where she was never the spy, maybe?

I'd like to see Garibaldi dealing with the aftermath of Sinclair's disappearance, or maybe something pre-canon.

How did Marcus come to realize his feelings for Stephen? Was there a lot of pining during the Mars mission? Who made the first move?

again, thanks so much for writing for me!


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