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 Someone grabs John by the throat. John coughs, struggling to breathe as he’s forcefully led down the corridor. Rodney’s shouting something, something muffled through the thick cloth of the bag over John’s head. Teyla’s still out there free, along with Ford, and that means it’s only a matter of time before they’re rescued. 

He reaches up, trying to pull the hand away from his face so he can breathe. His arms are yanked hard behind him, and he bites down on a hiss of pain. They stop walking and shove him against the wall. The coppery taste of blood is on his tongue, and his nose hurts like hell.

He’s slightly delirious from pain - he’s been fucking shot in the leg, right through the meaty part of his calf - and he starts laughing as they strip the bag from him and fingers fumble with his tac vest. 


Of course it’s Kolya.

He leans forward, testing how far they’ll let him go, and sees a drop of blood falling on the concrete between his feet. Definitely a nosebleed, then, maybe broken too.

Kolya says something, and the blood’s pounding in John’s ears far too hard for him to hear anything, and he keeps laughing because he can’t stop. He doesn’t stop until laughter turns into ragged gasps for air and soft whimpers of pain as they start in on him with knives.


He doesn’t know how long he’s in there. 

What he does know is that he’s passed out several times and been woken up with a bucket of saltwater each time, because it still stings in the deep cuts and burns on his chest and back.

What he does know is that as long as Kolya’s in here having fun with him, he’s not out there having fun with Rodney.

What he does know is that Teyla and Ford are coming for them, coming to save them.

What he does know is that Kolya gets a call on the radio. The only word he catches is “Lanteans”. He starts laughing again.


He wakes up in the infirmary sore and aching. He’s pretty thoroughly bandaged, and he can feel someone warm and heavy (probably Rodney, he thinks) on the bed next to him.

“It’s good to see you awake,” Teyla smiles, and John feels like he’s come home.


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