Jun. 2nd, 2017

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 Hi! Thanks so much for writing for me. These are just ideas and guidelines - feel free to ignore!

Firstly, general likes and dislikes:

Likes: angst, hurt/comfort, casefic/missionfic

Dislikes: a/b/o, watersports, harm to robots


I'd love to see Marcus and Stephen coming to terms with their feelings for each other, or maybe something set during the Mars mission.

For Sinclair and Garibaldi - I'd like a story of how they came to be so close, navigating a new relationship, or something dealing with the aftermath of Sinclair's disappearance.


Krai culture is so fascinating to me. I'd love a snapshot of their wedding, Krai-style, or discussion of class differences, or pretty much anything to do with them getting together.


How do Jake and Nog deal with their cultural differences? It's one thing to be friends, but another to live with someone. Is there conflict between them when they need to buy / get things for their quarters?

re: Garak and Damar, how can they reconcile their differences? Do they bond over sneering at Dukat? I'd like to see some internal conflict about loving Cardassia in a different way than the rest of the Cardassians do.


How and why did Nightingale and Seawoll get to be rivals? I'd enjoy seeing them get together despite that, or maybe they're rivals because of some messy breakup.

Peter and Jaget have a really interesting dynamic to me. I'd be happy with anything!

Angst is always good, and Mellenby/Nightingale is good for angst. I'd like to see Nightingale coping with losing David, or maybe how they got together.


dork!!! what a good pairing. I'd love anything to do with them revealing their relationship (maybe to North & Theta?).

again, thanks so much for writing for me!


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